Penton film production moves to Europe

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FULLERTON, CA (June 30, 2013) — The story of John Penton is not just an American story…it’s an international story. And the producers got the opportunity to begin weaving that part of the story with a trip to “the old world” recently by visiting Italy and Austria to interview some of John’s old friends and business associates.

This 10-day trip was made up of John and Jack Penton, Director/Producer, Todd Huffman, Director of Photography, Keith Martin, Audio Engineer, Paul Both and Jack Martin who was the original inspiration for the film. He was introduced as “the spark plug” for the film. We flew into Venice, Italy and from there headed to Albino, Italy and the home of Acerbis to interview Franco Acerbis and Arnaldo Farioli. From there, Asolo, Italy and the home of Alpinestars to chat with Sante Mazzarolo and a great tour of Alpinestars.

A trip through the Austrian Alps, past castles, etc. on the way to Mattighofen, Austria where KTM calls home. The crew stayed in Austria for six days completing interviews with many KTM employees including Kalman Cseh who was John’s interpreter for most of his business in Europe as well as the beautiful Erika Trunkenpolz, the widow of KTM CEO (when John was working with them) Erich Trunkenpolz.

The crew captured interviews from 10 people along with many other scenic shots to be used in the film and acquired many archival still pictures as well.


  • Kevin says:

    Hello you all of your men so why not build new penton/ktm water cool bike ? So why not .

  • Bruce Wilson says:

    If ever there was an interesting person to do a movie about it would be John Penton. I have read a bio on John, and his story is vast and amazing. I’ve ridden Penton motorcycles and even entered a “hare scramble” race with John’s sons in the event. John is a hero to many of us, and this movie may expose more to his dedication to the sport.

  • Barbara Hoess says:

    About 40 years ago while touring Ohio we stopped by the Penton factory. It was late. We though let’s knock and see if anyone answers. Well to our surprise John Penton opened the door and he invited us in. Being motorcycle enthusiasts and owning a Penton at the time this was a treat. My son was small maybe 7. When we finished the tour he gave us all Penton pens, which we still have. What a great tour we had an John was such a great host. . This has been such an inspiration to my son that he has competed in many Six Days and has earned the most Gold medals for any American.

  • Bill Kincaid says:

    In the mid-1970’s I bought an iron-barrel Penton 125 which I enjoyed tremendously. Not having a manual, I sent a couple letters to John Penton asking for bits of advice as to how to maintain it, which he answered personally and signed in green Flair pen. Along with the tips he included some positive comments for the young mechanic which I found motivating enough to help steer me into mechanical engineering. Over the years those letters have been lost, but even today I can still see them in my mind, very fond memories indeed.

  • Hello,

    My husband, Bill Geier raced for Penton, in Austria in the mid to late 70’s. I am interested in acquiring footage of the race for him as a gift. Would you kindly contact me me via email with any information you can provide?

    Thank you,
    Germaine Geier

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