Lyle Lovett sits down for an interview for the film

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FULLERTON, CA (June 13, 2013) — In addition for being the narrator for PENTON: The John Penton Story, Grammy Winner Lyle Lovett will also be in the movie. Director Todd Huffman was recently able to sit down with Lyle to interview him about his history racing a Penton during his motocross days and working for Richard Sanders at Cycle Shack in Houston, TX.

Lyle’s interview took place at the beautiful
Cycle Shack North in Conroe, TX.

The interview took place at Cycle Shack North over about an hour. Lyle talked about getting involved with racing motocross, getting the job at 14 years-old at Cycle Shack and then traveling to Dallas to meet John Penton at Penton Imports for a sales meeting. Also interviewed was Lyle’s mother Bernell Lovett who had great stories about working at the races as a scorer and reporter for the local motocross newspaper and having all the racers over to the Lovett house after the races to watch her home movies.

Lyle was so gracious, hanging out with the crew, shop employees and some fans for about four hours. The next day the crew shot and interviewed with Steve Wise in Houston at film supporter Dan Cogdell’s office.


  • Bob Harris says:

    Two of my favorites together John and Lyle ! I do a bike show here in western New York at the Glen Curtiss Museum twice a year to benefit the Museum , I would love to show the movie !! The last weekend of February 22-23 is our Wintercycletherepy two days indoors huge turnout.The first weekend of August is our Curtiss Vintage Gathering. Thanx Bob

  • david rogers says:

    we want a DVD

    movie was fantastic

  • where and when can I get a copy of the jps.. I am owner of a penton Berkshire, my true love,

  • Tony J says:

    My dad had a 71 125 Penton, I used to sit on the seat in front of him and run the heck out of that thing, I was about 7 or 8 years old. And Lyle Lovett has been one of my favorite artists ever since his first self titled album came out. We see his shows every time he comes to Pittsburgh. I hope I get to see the film.

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