Bring the Penton film to your town!

The Penton film producers have partnered with Theatrical-On-Demand distributor Gathr Films to allow fans everywhere the opportunity to see “PENTON: The John Penton Story” in their hometown.  YOU can sign up to host a screening in your favorite local theater by following the steps below.

1) First, we are all about team effort so check the map for an existing event in your town and reserve your tickets today to see the film!

2) If no screening is scheduled for your area, no problem, simply click “Request A Screening” to sign up to become the host of a new event.

3) Get the word out!  Remember, Gathr screenings can only happen when we reach our ticket goals so whether you are hosting your own event or supporting another, be sure to get involved and spread the word! Social Media, email, texts and phone calls.

Make sure no one misses this wonderful story!

The whole process is easy for you as fan of John Penton and motorcycling to just purchase a ticket. But, it’s also great for motorcycle dealers, clubs, charities and more who would like to host their own screening as a “Penton Movie Captain”.

Enjoy the movie!

If you are interested in being a sponsor of a screening or the film itself please sign up below.

I would like to help bring the PENTON: The John Penton Story
to my home town.

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